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What we do

We are a game ecosystem company working in

Games Media

Raptr Games is the Pakistan Chapter of IGN.com , the largest games and pop culture platform in the world with more than 465 Million visitors per month on its web assets. IGN Pakistan connects with gamers and communities to provide visibility to the gaming community and to allow engagement for brands and organisations with the target demographic

Game Streaming

Raptr Games is bringing world class game streaming to Pakistan to give gamers a local platform to take part in the game economy.

Online Gaming

Raptr Games is producing its own 5v5 Online FPS for the Pakistani gamer. Built from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5, the game is set around Pakistani locations and utilises social and cultural cues throughout the game to create deep gamer resonance.


The next big gaming market


The largest population in the region from a developing economy

Median Age

The youngest population in the region comprising mostly of GenZ and late millennials

Online Gamers

As of year end 2021, the average online gaming population in Pakistan on documented ISP traffic was close to 14 million gamers

Gaming Spend

More than half a billion dollars spent by gamers in Pakistan today across all platforms. This in rising in double digits with each passing year.

Our Team

Some of the best tech people in the industry

Raptr Games has team of industry leading individuals from the field of digitisation and technology. We have experience across Cloud Computing, UI/UX design, Design Thinking, Marketing and DevOps engineering